Saving Money

Charitable Reunions
Free Stuff

FREEBIES FROM REUNIONS MAGAZINE Free sample copy of Reunions magazine Sign up to receive a copy of Reunions magazine in our next bulk mailing. Free reunion planning forms Print blank reunion planning forms…

Saving Money
Plan Reunion Spending

Review personal finances to determine the money available for reunion expenses without adding debt. Estimate total reunion costs, travel, meals, accommodations and spending money. If you carry a credit card…

Saving Money
Who’s frugal?

Reunions surviving hard times Often families get closer, and need one another more for solace, in hard times. Reunions are really the time that, no matter what, you get together…

Saving Money
When Booking

Ask your hotel about their group policy. Some hotels extend a complimentary room when a minimum number of rooms are booked. Traditionally planners take complimentary rooms, but here’s another idea.…

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