Weather: the fickle reunion guest

Are you planning a picnic? cookout? pool party? Want to know what the weather will be?

For any reunion that includes outdoor activities, weather is the fickle guest: you want it to shine down on your event, but you know there’s always a chance you’ll not be so lucky. Here are some ways to add to your weather intelligence.

wuLogoUrlWhen you’re planning your dates and activities, see what past history does to predict future weather on Scroll down to “view calendar” and click on years back. You’ll see what the weather was like on your reunion dates for many years back. Is there a pattern in what you see? Too much rain? Or none at all? Then make your decision and, as always with weather, take your chances!


Closer to your reunion, AccuWeather ( can now stretch its long forecast out to 25 days. This forecast predicts weather patterns and warm, cold, wet and dry spells. Click on forecast, then on month. Of course, you can’t get details that far out but it can help you plan.

rained_outFinally, on the day/weekend of your reunion, you might want weather alerts if you’re facing the possibility of changing plans. RainedOut! is a free service that enables you to send instant alerts to your entire reunion; use it to cancel events, give directions, recruit volunteers, send reminders, and much more. Messages can arrive at a net-connected PC or a standard cell phone. RainedOut instantly and simultaneously broadcasts alerts to mobile phones (via SMS text message), email accounts, web pages, RainedOut Page, Facebook and Twitter. Visit