There are many ways for families to communicate. While receiving mail is always fun, it’s become a lot easier to communicate by e-mail which is what more and more reunions are doing. Reunion organizers universally ask about not only getting the mailings out but getting the responses back in again. If you have some sure-fire ways to help others succeed at reunion communicating, e-mail us.

Ensure a response

Many businesses are eager to share information but mounting postage costs add up. When requesting materials, particularly items offered free, it is wise to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE). In most instances a #10, business size envelope, with a Forever stamp is appropriate unless something larger is specifically called for. Also, when requests are received, the ones where materials can be slipped right into an SASE often receive immediate response.

POSTCARDS to announce and remind when you set your reunion date, send a Save the Date card to everyone.
Then, when members are not returning registrations, send Time is Running Out cards.

Two message formats for the back of card. Fill-in-the-blank or custom printed.

1) Fill-in-the-blanks $45 per 100. Free shipping available.

2) Custom printed wth your personalized message $75 per 100. Free shipping available.

Order online or call 414-263-4567

Letter Kit solves lots of problems

This is another example of a product I wish I’d invented! The Family Reunion Letter Kit answers many requests for samples of letters for reunion planners. The Letter Kit is from The Family Reunion Institute, the same folks who recently breached the void of information about reunion bylaws.

The kit includes letters designed to assemble a working committee, explain a survey, follow-up the survey, registration letter and final letter. Samples of surveys are also included; one with date and location options and one with activity and souvenir options. The registration letter includes a sample registration form. Alternatives to letters (flyers, newsletters, e-mail and web page) are briefly described and reasons for using them. Finally there is a letter to solicit a photographer or other professional services.

This kit is intended as a jumping off point for what you want to say about your reunion. These ideas are not etched in stone but for the many people who contact us year in and year out, it will be the blessing they need to help them know where to begin.
This kit is the beginning! EW

To acquire the The Family Reunion Letter Kit, and see more brochures and products, visit
The Family Reunion Institute

OR email Dr. Ione Vargus at [email protected]

For those who did not attend

Dr. Marion B.W. and Philip Holmes, Wyncote, Pennsylvania, shared an open letter to children and other family members who’d not attended their Berry-Harrison-Hardman Family Reunion in Atlanta.

Atlanta hostesses mother and daughter, Dolores Berry Jones and Roxanne Butler, showed off their city with tours of the Coca Cola Pavilion (with generous samples), the 3-D Cyclorama Center and Stone Mountain Park where they enjoyed dinner and a laser show – and that was only the first day. One rainy day was spent in a state park with lots of food and games which ended in muddy fun for everyone from five to 80. On Sunday everyone was bussed to a family church and a show demonstrating great family talents that enjoyed rave reviews. Yet another day was spent doing the Southern Black Heritage Tour.

If the Holmes’ purpose in writing this extensive report was to promote their Cleveland reunion, they convinced me! EW

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