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    I am still blown away at the number of resources (and the quality of information) that you and your staff provide for folks planning reunions. Your expertise (and enthusiasm on the topic) is invaluable and I couldn’t imagine ever planning a reunion without using your site and magazine. If you haven’t thought of it, it doesn’t exist! Thanks so much!

    Vicky Thornton
    Executive Producer / Host of the Vicky and Jen Show

    I was so surprised to find Reunions magazine, I was just looking for anything that was associated with family. What a find!!!

    Terri Guerrero, Glendale, Arizona

    You at Reunions magazine keep up your good work – this is important work – keeping families involved with each other and continuing to get together as families!

    Deb Bowen, Burlington, Iowa, Sylvester Family Reunion

    I’m very excited about the discovery of your magazine. I received some good ideas from your site, and I hope I can share some more of our successful ideas with you.

    Crystal Pickett, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Crutcher-Jefferson Family Reunion

    I absolutely love Reunions magazine. Last year, when the younger family members took on the task of planning our reunion, I gave them a subscription to Reunions and they found it extremely helpful in the organizational phrase and tips for children’s activities.

    Jacqueline D. Jackson-Harvey, College Park, Georgia

    I get lots of great ideas on your website. Thanks so much!!

    Joy Will, Garwood Family Reunion, Newton, Kansas

    Thanks so much for this great resource!

    Patricia A. Hutchison, Silver Spring, Maryland.

    The one magazine issue I have seen is great!

    Jessie Muse, Mitchellville, Maryland

    Website is easy to navigate and very informative.

    Theresa Hanlon, Gurnee, Illinois

    Thank you all at Reunions magazine, what a beautiful way to celebrate families!

    Valerie Ayer, Snellville, Georgia, Phillips Family Reunion

    I called all the places I wanted to visit and they sent me brochures. I used my Reunions magazine to guide me all the way. I love to read about all the things the magazine has to offer. It has been a great access to me.
    Annie Waller-Burns, Nashville, Tennessee, Waller Family Reunion

    Thank you for Listing our upcoming A-37 Dragonfly reunion…

    I sincerely appreciate your listing our upcoming military reunion of the A-37 Dragonfly. Although the little fighter aircraft isn’t well known (except by the troops on the ground in Vietnam who often requested it by name as it could respond quickly and put the bombs right on target), your listing will definitely help find the many “who flew, worked on, worked with, or just have a high admiration for the great little fighter” which we welcome.

    Your magazine, with its many great ideas and tips has been a definite help to our board and I in developing reunion plans and carrying them out.

    Ollie Maier, San Marcos, Texas, A-37 Association

    We have received the Reunions magazine for many years now and always enjoyed it. However, the association “Marine Barrage Balloon Group no longer exists due to the age of the participants who fought at Guadalcanal in 1943.
    Alma Riter, Long Beach, California

    I scrolled thru your current month’s magazine on PDF-very nice!
    Kevin Donohue, 40th Reunion Chair, Brandywine High School Class of ’67, Wilmington, Delaware.

    Thank you. We love your magazine!
    Almeta West, Whiting Family Reunion

    I am the hostess for our reunion this year in Orlando, Florida. I have valued the help and ideas I’ve gotten from the magazine and web pages.
    Thank You. Charlene Ortiz, Ebel Family Reunion, Orlando, Florida.

    I think this is a great website for planning for a family reunion.
    Lucy Moore, Toler Family Reunion

    First of all I’d like to say, I have really enjoyed this magazine. Janice Boyd, Jonesboro, Georgia, Aikens/Moyer Family Reunion.

    I’ve heard so much about the help and ideas that come from this magazine I saw a copy of it from my sister and I really liked it. Betty Burden, Xenia, Ohio, Layne/Copley Family Reunion.

    I received my copy of the workbook recently and am asking you to send a copy to the co-hosts of our ship’s reunion in September in Indianapolis. Part of the reason is that I am not giving up my copy of this excellent, informative workbook. Your help is really appreciated. Harry Lagerstedt, President USS General Anderson Association.

    I must thank you for the Reunions magazines for our Reunion Planning event. The magazine received lots of interest from the ladies in attendance. Thank you for providing the magazines for us. Karen Siddoway, Nampa, Idaho

    Let me just tell you, you are doing a wonderful job as editor of this magazine. I create, publish, and edit my family’s newsletter every month, and my job is greatly overshadowed by yours, I realize, but, I know what amount of work is put into something you are proud of. You do it well and I have benefited from your ideas and have been inspired to continue in my family’s quest for reunion. Thanks!
    Veronica Haynes, Rosansky, Texas, Gallegos/ Travina Family Reunion

    Barbara Knueppel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, says she’s been getting the magazine for such a long time and has kept every issue as she finds it very helpful. And it’s a wonderful magazine.

    Let me say I really appreciate the Reunions magazine. I started both of these reunions. We have a parade every year with the Hayes Crossing/Haldeman Reunion. Keep up the good work. Lloyd Dean.

    Reunions magazine is a must have for veteran reunion planners, like myself, as well as novices. When I run out of reunion ideas, or just want to know of successes and/or challenges that other planners face and overcome, I can pull out the current issue or an older issue, or go to the website. Actually, it makes me look good – my family wonders how I come up with so many great ideas. And, the photo gallery is a great addition to the website. So many look just like my family!

    Sorry to have missed your live chat back in August – on I certainly would’ve joined in! Reading the transcript is really interesting – because we all face similar challenges in coordinating reunions. Your magazine is a must-have!!

    Joan Waters, Curtis-Butler Family Reunion

    PS: Let me know if you ever decide to open an east coast office!

    Examples of registration forms was where I needed help — and that was covered in a recent issue, so will be help to others in the future.

    We don’t plan any more big reunions — think we’ll be doing mostly regional ones from now on.  The interest after the 50th seems to dwindle — and of course there are many reasons for this including, unfortunately, declining health.

    Your magazine is a great resource for either family or school reunions — keep up the good work. Thanks, Helen

    I have a new email address. Please make necessary changes so that I do not miss my monthly reunion newsletter. I enjoy them so much.
    Make it a great day and God bless.  Melissa Lawler

    I’ve never heard of this site until today. I think it’s great and it really helps the beginner like me. Jameal Reed, Louisville, Kentucky, Taylor Family Reunion

    I am finally retired from chairmanship of the Frederickson Family Reunion Association (20 years) I find time to tell you how much I have enjoyed the magazine. Not a reunion has happened without the magazine being a help.

    Our reunion originally had the usual structure, pot-luck dinner, one day get-together. In 2000 we made a radical change for us to a volunteer family hosting reunions every two years. The first was in Bonners Ferry, Idaho (panhandle), the second at state park in northeast Indiana not far from Shepsheivana. The next is a mystery.

    Secretary treasurer to keep records and handle association funds, fundraiser chairman. We have published a family cookbook, created a family bicentennial quilt and are working on a heritage album.

    Our fundraisers have been white elephant (new or little used item) sales, Family handicraft sale, cookbook sales. We also have printed membership directory. All from hints in Reunions or books you have suggested.

    Elsie Frederickson Hutton, Sandwich, Illinois.

    Many thanks for the article and photos on Truman sites in Independence! I just received the magazines and was very pleased with how things turned out. You have a fascinating publication, and as my own family is spread across the western half of the United States, am always looking for ways to help us connect. Lots of good ideas!

    Janeen Aggen, Media Contact, Independence, Missouri, Tourism.

    Youskow Girls Family Reunion It was my first attempt at organizing a family reunion. It was a huge success. Reunions Magazine can take a bow, they guided me all the way.

    Bernie King, Youskow Girls Family Reunion, Mesa Arizona

    I want to thank you and your magazine for all the lovely advice and tips which also made this reunion special, thank you. Cheryl Robinson, Bronx, New York, Robinson Family Reunion

    Thanks for this service and all the wonderful info I have gotten from y’all over the years! It has really helped with a lot of my planning, both before now and in the future!

    CJ Foy, Foy Kalista Krakora Roderick Family Reunion, includes Nevins, Bills, Roughley, and other extended families.

    Love the ideas on your website – helped me out a lot! Joni Guldenpfennig, Ely, Iowa.

    It is our first ever family reunion! It marks the 100 year anniversary of my grandparents, George and Barbara Lewis, married 1906. We are very excited and are expecting a great turn out. Your magazine has been a great help in planning this reunion. I look forward to each new volume for many wonderful and helpful new ideas!

    Joanne Henning, Lewis Family Reunion, Forest Lake, Minnesota

    I found your wonderful website tonight and have learned so much from reading through it. Thank you!

    Betsy Brown, Ratliff/Ratcliff Reunion, Bluefield, West Virginia

    I like how you show where and when different family reunions will be held around the Country.  Gives everyone an opportunity to find something relatively near them.  I like the different types of family resources shown…helpful.  I’ll have some more comments after I read your magazine.
    Randy Cross, Cross-Green Family Reunion

    Zera Reed, Gardner Family Reunion

    I can’t thank you enough!!!
    Have a great day! (You sure have made mine!)
    Jan McKnight
    Searching for Lehigh Valley Reunion Goers

    For several years our committee has enjoyed and benefited from a subscription to Reunions magazine. Now, however, we have reached the point that because of age and numbers, further reunions are no longer feasible. Consequently, we must request reluctantly the suspension of future Reunions magazine mailings.
    Lee Bergfeld, Steeleville, IL
    USS Cor Caroli (AK91)

    I enjoy reading your magazine and today I just realized why. It is a happy magazine. Wonderful families celebrating their history together and reconnecting with far-flung cousins, aunts and uncles with good food and fun. It makes me forget all the troubles going on in the world.
    Best Wishes,
    Marge Schwegel, Philadelphia, PA

    A “Must Have” For Reunion Planners & Just Plain Folk
    Reviewer:   Joan Waters (Southern Maryland) – Reunions magazine is a well-kept secret: an invaluable resource for everyone interested in reuniting with family, classmates, military, etc. Expert and novice reunion planners share insight on how to coordinate everything from fun & memorable reunion activities to fundraising and family projects to sightseeing and travel tips. Most importantly, Reunions magazine lets us peek into backyards & resorts across the country to see what others do at their special family events. I wouldn’t think of planning a reunion without reading this magazine!

    One of a Kind Resource
    Reviewer:  A magazine reader
    Reunions magazine provides a variety of articles concerning all aspects of reunions — whether family, class, military — small to large, simple to more complex. The magazine also provides individuals an opportunity for sharing ideas and reunion photos with others interested in the subject. Periodically, a reunion workbook is included to help plan the reunion step-by-step. It is an excellent reference and a fun read.

    A wealth of info for reunion planners
    Reviewer:  Jackie Utley (Jackson, TN United States) – This magazine should be in the hands of every family, class or military reunion planner. The contents cover a broad spectrum of reunion-related information, from how to plan the reunion to how to do follow-ups after the event, and everything in between. The magazine is written by a knowledgeable staff, and reunion planners from all walks of life contribute articles and ideas. There is an enormous amount of information, ideas and inspiration in every issue.

    Reviewer: Kirsten Holmes (Plainfield, IL) – Wow, how informative! Helped me plan our annual Thanksgiving reunion. The most exciting of all!

    “I remember when Reunions magazine first started. I congratulate you on your success as a publisher. The quality of your photographs, copy, ads, paper and full color presentation are terrific. You are providing a valuable service to your readers. Because of Reunions Magazine, many family reunions are more interesting and occur more often. Other family members are really impressed with it as well as all of the wonderful idea’s that are between the covers.”

    R. Dean Fowler, Steinhatchee Landing Resort in Steinhatchee, Florida, frequent host to (Jimmy and Rosalyn) Carter Family Reunions

    Thanks for a great magazine full of terrific ideas!
    Dale Hinshaw McMasters, Bay, AR, Smith-Hedrick Family Association

    Wow!!  Thanks for the quick response. I will use those ideas, and I will let you know what happens.  Keep up the GREAT work with the publication.
    Julia Matthews-McClain

    Good afternoon,  I just wanted to let you know I received my October/November issue today.  Thank you so much.  I am enjoying these books a great deal.  Just wish I had subscribed a lot sooner.  Thanks again.
    Sandra Hayes

    Hello Ms. Wagner, First let thank you for all your help and, of course, Reunions magazine, in not only planning a fantastic reunion but also assisting us with our genealogy search.
    Sheryl Fils, Marietta, Georgia, Chairman Kennedy Reunion Planning Committee

    Thank you: you just made an already pretty good day!
    I have enjoyed the magazine immensely and have recommended it to other members on the committee.
    Christeon Byrd

    Your online and hardcopy magazine has the most reunion information. I wished I’d known about your website before we hosted last year. Even though we were told it was the best one in 45 years, we could have made it even better had we known about your website. The sharing of reunion stories is priceless!  Keep up the good work.
    Janet Smith, College Park, Georgia, Johnson & Harris Family Reunion

    I enjoy this magazine very much and it is very helpflul.
    Mary Taylor, Fort Worth, TX, Taylor Family Reunion

    I am the coordinator for our “Meyer Family Reunion.” I have been planning our reunion for approximately the last seven years. My husband, children and I live on a 40-acre farm and thoroughly enjoy hosting these family reunions. Every year I try to think of a different project for the family to participate in and have obtained many ideas from the Reunions magazine.
    Cindy Jacoby, Thomasville, Pennsylvania, Meyer Family Reunion

    I would like to thank Edith and the rest of Reunions magazine staff for their vision in helping people around the world achieve their goals in having a memorable, fun and even unique reunions! While surfing the net that evening for reunion information and ideas, I came upon a link to “Reunions Magazine.”I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on to their website and saw tons of resources and even a place to post my reunion for free! I immediately called to subscribe.

    Francia Malone, Flint, Michigan, Malone Family Reunion

    Your web site is very informative. This is our first reunion and I feel like I’ve found a lot of good planning info and tips here. I’m hoping the reunion will be a success and just the first of many.
    Darleen Miller, Centerville, GA, Wilson-Smith-Goolsby Family Reunion

    As reunion president and coordinator since 1997 it is truly a learning experience and your magazine has been a tremendous resource.
    Cheryl Moore-Strodder, Richmond, Virginia, Johnson Family Reunion

    I really enjoy planning reunions, especially during these times, I think everyone should get to know their family and stick close to your family, because ya never know when you might not ever see them again. So I plan as much as possible …
    Also I’m thankful for you having a Mag. such as this….Great idea!!!
    Regina Johnson, Sayreville, NJ, Lane/Richardson Family Reunion

    I really enjoy your magazine both hard copy and email editions. They are a lot of help in my organizing and having a successful Jones Family Reunion.
    Carolyn Shipman, Alvin, Texas

    I really love receiving my Reunions magazine.  Keep up the good work…its great!
    Jean Morgan, Roxbury, Massachusetts

    First off, let me say that I really enjoy your magazine and I have found so many hints and ideas to make my family’s next upcoming reunion as stress-free as possible and fun for all. I got a kick out of seeing Lydia Douglas from the Atlanta CVB mentioned in the issue, she’s been great to work with and very helpful in getting information and resources. Keep up the great job and I look forward to your upcoming issues!
    Stacey Hopkins, Atlanta, Georgia, Cammon-Harrison Family Reunion

    Thanks for a great magazine and website.
    Yolonda Washington, Workman-Hailstock Family Reunion

    I was surprised to see the article as I was reading the latest issue and made photocopies to mail out, but the actual magazine is even better!!! Your magazine provided lots of information and suggestions that helped to make our reunion a huge success. The family was impressed with how well things went, and I attributed a lot of the success and ideas to information gleaned from your magazine.
    We will definitely use your resources again.
    Paulette Collier, Converse, Texas, Sewell-McFarlane Reunion Coordinator

    This site is of such help. I’ve received enough information to start planning.
    Christine Colbourne, Rochester, New York, Lewis Family Reunion

    I thank you for your very valuable & useful magazine.
    Karl-Michael Sala, Salt Lake City, Utah, Izmir (Turkey) High School Reunion

    Thank you for the magazine, it is well done. However, my watch is over and I will not be doing any more reunions.
    Lovett L. Briggs, USS New Kent Reunions

    Since I am no longer planning a reunion & don’t intend to for many years, if at all, please cancel my subscription. I have appreciated the helps, information, etc while planning the Wilmsen Family Reunion and thank you for such a helpful magazine.
    Carol Andersen, Dike, Iowa

    In 2003 I received a magazine, and used some of the feedback to make our 9th reunion a very enjoyable event. The one my family really liked was the gift giving to break the ice. It went over very well. I am currently receiving your magazine keep up the good work.
    Ethel Tabb, Birmingham, Alabama

    Excellent website, a lot of useful info for us amateurs.
    Randy Torrance, St Petersburg, Florida, Torrance Family Reunion

    The site gave me a lot of good ideas for my next family reunion. I really appreciated it.
    Mary Loston, Laurel, Mississippi, Blakely Family Reunion

    I have been receiving Reunions magazine for some time and have enjoyed it immensely.
    Donna Strother

    I’ve reviewed your information on line and found it to be very helpful in planning our first reunion.
    Iola Johnson, Washington DC, Harper United Family Reunion

    I stumbled across your website. I was so excited to find it. There’s so much useful and interesting information there. This is our first year planning a family reunion and I’ve taken the lead by creating a newsletter. (Not bad for a first timer)
    Lisa Eddie-Rimpson

    Thank you very much … by the way, we enjoy your website very much … AND the magazine. I had won a couple free issues from a genealogy contest. Very nice!
    Patricia Ann

    Please post the attached information about our upcoming reunion. I have found the other articles on reunions very interesting and helpful.
    Tom Heiser, Chairman 328th Radio Research Viet Nam Reunion

    “Thank you” for the wonderful service that Reunions provides to all veterans. It is truly appreciated! I’ve been totally impressed, from the very first issue that was sent my way! Please keep up the great work.
    Joe Pires, Osterville, Massachussetts, USS Bennington Historian

    A one-day event is easier to plan, at least for the first time. You need to contact as many relatives as possible, and ask them to help you locate ‘missing’ relatives.

    According to the editors of Reunions Magazine, you need to allow a year to plan a reunion. I threw together my first one in about 5 months, but it was simply a Dutch-treat lunch at a local restaurant. Since then, I’ve gotten into the habit of announcing at one reunion the date and location for the next reunion, so it’s become an ongoing, seemingly never-ending project. LOL!

    If you contact Reunions Magazine, they should send you a free sample copy. I highly recommend the magazine. I’ve ‘stolen’ tons of great ideas from the reunions reported in it. And Edith Wagner, the editor, is a encyclopedia of information about planning a reunion.

    The most important thing” is to have a good time. Have a Plan B if you’re planning an outdoor event, so that you can move indoors. Have games and activities for the*kids, so they won’t get bored and refuse to come back next year. Old family photos and heirlooms are wonderful to have to stimulate family stories and memories. If some relative will photograph or videotape the event, that’s great. You’ll treasure those photos and video in years to come.

    I’m a bit Type A, so I have a theme every year (Western, Hawaiian, Red/White/Blue, Christmas in July), but that’s not necessary. It just makes it bit more interesting. And it does make for funny photos to show in years to come. (How often will you get Uncle John in a Hawaiian shirt?) Do as much or as little as your family will tolerate. LOL!

    One thing that every ‘how to’ article recommends is that you delegate, delegate, delegate. Get others involved so you don’t wear yourself out doing it all. And the more folks involved, the more they feel that it’s their reunion, not just an event you present and they attend.

    Good luck with it! If you have specific questions, you can ask this list–we have great reunion planners on the list!
    Jackie Utley, Jackson, Tennessee, Utley Family Reunion

    To whom it may concern,
    My family is having a reunion in Oregon. We have a reunion once every three years trading off between Oregon, Nebraska and California. This will be our 7th. About 200 family members will be attending this year. We have grown from about 150. With that many people it is hard to find a place that can accommodate all of us. But we have a great place lined up this year. It is called the McKenzie River Conference Center. We have a lot of fun at these reunions and would like to extent an invitation to any of the Reunions magazine staff who would like to join us. We have plenty of room and we love your magazine it has been soooo helpful to us over the years. I will send you a better itinerary of what we have planned when I have a little more time.
    LeAnn K. Headrick, Albany Oregon, Moore Family Reunion

    I accidentally came across your site and have gained a lot of inspiration…thank you!
    Rabiah Lindsey, Gilbert, Arizona, Portis Family Reunion

    A friend of mine also told me that they got some great ideas from your magazine.
    Linda Coleman, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Sanders Family Weekend Reunion

    Finally, after searching various websites … One that answered all of my questions at a glance and no fee involved. I made a decision to have a Family Reunion in remembrance of my grandmother. I spoke briefly to family members on other occasions that took place. They were overwhelmed with the idea that I was going to organize one. An organizer would be nice to have on hand to make notes, etc. But I can always make up my own notebook for notes as I follow your guideline.
    Sharon Roberts, Riviera Beach, Florida, Green Family Reunion

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the African American Reunion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. I want to thank you for all your good work and for the Reunion Magazine…It is God sent!
    Benedwin Smith

    This site comes in handy especially for people who never planned reunions.
    Tyffani Smokes, Newport News, Virginia

    I have enjoyed your magazine immensely and you were kind enough to send me complimentary copies. But I am now of an age where I can no longer do reunions. I managed to get 90 of my relatives together several years ago with the help of your magazine, my computer and a niece who lived on the West Coast. The reunion was held in Port Angeles, Washington, and I live in Alabama. We could not go to the reunion, as my husband had just had surgery. Everyone had a good time. Thank you for all the issues, but do not send me any more.
    T. Marie Wakeman, Irvington, Alabama

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the Readers Service. This is a wonderful way to reach some potential reunions. Thank you very much for this service.  Please say hello to Edith for me. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Lydia Douglas, Sales Manager, Small Meetings, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Hi Edith, I provided copies of the magazine to the officers of the 15th Troop Carrier Squadron Reunion Club. The secretary, Mr. Joe Yuhasz, said he has written to you for permission to reproduce the page with our story for the Y9 Newsletter that goes to all the members.
    Everyone is very happy with the story and I will have the magazine available when the reunion attendees come so they can see what a great publication it is, and hopefully subscribe.
    Linda Sunde, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, daughter of a late member of the 15th Troop Carrier Squadron

    Reunions Magazine is my personal encyclopedia. Great Resource! Thanks again.
    Anderson Gooden, Wedowee, Alabama

    Love Reunions. Planning a family reunion of very small family, limited resources. Workbook will be a major part of this planning.
    Madolyn Hayne, Clarksville, Virginia

    Thanks for providing the wonderful resources which are the frameworks of our reunions.
    Thelma Jones, Washington, DC

    Have thoroughly enjoyed the ideas from the magazine. I plan on using some of the ideas from Reunions magazine. I’ve already sent out my 1st save this date post card. THANKS SO MUCH!!
    Carol Thompson, Cincinnati, Ohio

    Your magazine helped my mother, Barbara Bavlnka, out so much in planning our family reunion that was centered around my father’s 80th birthday! Every magazine that arrived had one more great idea that my mother implemented to make our reunion a great success! People came from eight states!
    Carol Hawkins

    This is a very helpful site that can help me build confidence with planning our next family reunion.
    Brenda Owens, Fort Washington, Maryland

    Loved the magazine and articles. Interesting that we are all led to believe the family is disappearing from the face of America…and in some ways it is, but your magazine points out that there are still people who are family and they share many important moments together. Thanks for the look inside.
    Sue Lynn, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Thank you so much for your wonderful magazine and all of the ideas that you allow folks to tell about. I pick up many new and informative information every time I read one of the issues. I can hardly wait to get the next issue. Have you thought about a monthly issue instead of quarterly?? Hint! Hint!
    Pat Macon, National Gideon Macon Society (NGMS) Director, Springdale, Arkansas