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Renita Wigfall e-mailed: I’m in search of a poem or story to be read at my family reunion. I am seeking something rather profound. Any suggestions?


We suggest you dig deep in family legend or tradition to find your inspiration. Since we know nothing about the family you’re speaking to, we suggest that you look at what their interests and concerns are. The future? Their strengths? Their creativity and determination? What inspires you? It will probably inspire your audience as well.

How about saluting special family members? The oldest and youngest … not the usual prizes but something about each: the history of the oldest and the future of the youngest. Or salute the achievements of family members old and young; who’s learned to walk or graduated or gotten an award or honor?

Something from your favorite book or author? the Bible? Shakespeare? Robert Frost?
If you question your family’s enthusiasm, perhaps you should concentrate on humor and leave ’em laughing. There must be lots of funny family stories.

What are your favorite family memories? Share them. Get others thinking. Pose questions for members to contemplate. Challenge them. Charge them up.



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