Staying in touch … and there’s a lot that’s free

Add Twitter to your reunion social networking. Assign a hashtag that pulls all reunion-related tweets together. Twitter will compile all your tweets containing the hashtag. Tell your members to add the hashtag to their tweets so everyone can see all your reunion tweets.

Blog your thoughts. Free sites such as and offer resources to get you up and writing in minutes. You don’t need to know any coding and your reunion can have its own blog. is a free, family tree hosting website that offers GEDCOM import, photo features, charting display and printout, family tree mapping and reports. Create and send custom newsletters and poster-size charts, which can also be excellent visuals to take to your family reunion. (Source: Weekly Buzz)

GroupMe is a free app for group texting and conference calling and works on almost any cell phone. Each app walks you through the process and helps manage your groups. When you start a GroupMe, you get a unique phone number. When you send a text message to a GroupMe number, the message is sent instantly to everyone in the group, like an instant chat room. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still start a group by texting START to GROUP (47687).

Call overseas for free. gives you 10 minutes of free talk to landlines in 55 countries and cellphones in some. You listen to short ads, then connect.