Vol 2 No 2

Winter 1992
Vol. 2 No. 2



Alum & I by Tom Ninkovich
Tom reports about his 30th high school reunion

Military Stars by LtCol Bill Masciangelo, USMC (Ret)
Lots of tips for exciting reunions.

Branch Office by Sharon Bartolo Carmack
City directories help locate living and dead.

Origins by Jean Strauss
Encouragement and helpful advice for searchers.


Front Words
Reunion Reveille
Includes WWII Commemoration Update
Contests & Research
Reunion Retreats
Includes adoption Search and Support organizations
Reunions in Review
inviting samples
Bulletin Boards
by William Lewis Gage
Clipped Notes


Hot Spots: Looking for adventure? by Robin Longman
Suggestions for reunions that include educational travel, ecotourism and an emphasis on the socially responsible.


How to start a Family Association by Jean Timpel
A discussion of reasons for forming and the essentials in starting a surname or family association. Includes a detailed checklist of specifics.

What’s New?
A new audio-text reunion search registry…The Gramma and Grampa Place…balloons…and greeting cards for adoption triad members.

Warm holiday memories—the way to a family’s heart with Lena Saccaro and Barbara Leotta Two Italian families share their New Year holiday food traditions.

Recording reunions: Documenting family reunions for your child by Carolyn Wilson-Elliott
A special approach to bridging the generational gap and creating reunion memories from a child’s perspective.

A cousins reunion by Debra Smith
Close in childhood and spread out as adults makes for an unusual and interesting reunion

Red ribbons and miracles by Mary Jane Edwards
A search ends and a lifelong dream comes true on Christmas Day when mother and daughter happily reunite amidst red ribbons.

World War II Remembered

Discovering my father’s footsteps by Ray Pfeiffer
A historian discovers his father had been the “model” for a
World War II painting.

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