Vol 3 No 2

Winter 1993
Vol. 3 No. 2


Front Words
Alum & I by Paula Sheagley Reflections on the 1992 reunion season
Contests & Research
Branch Office by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack Genealogical directories
Genealogy News
Reunion Family Registree
What’s New Preserve the past for the future
Origins by Susan Darke Meet Susan Darke and The Adoption Connection
Open Records
RSVP Good spirits commemorate Salem Witch Trials
Bulletin Boards by William Lewis Gage Review of Trace!
RnR More directories
Reader Review
Clipped Notes
Searching? by LtCol Richard S. Johnson, USA (Ret) Sherlock Holmes no
match for computers.
The Reunion Bookstore
Recording Reunions Video tape present or past reunions
Back Issues
Reunion Retreats
Classifieds Includes Adoption Search and Support Organizations

On the Cover
Images from the Pepperbird Foundation’s African American heritage tour of
Virginia reinforce the strong cultural ties evident at black family reunions. See
Page 39.

Reunions MasterPlan
Ideas from the experts help with organizing tips and how to create a family history treasure.

Creating a family history cookbook
by Carolyn Wilson Elliot
Gently mix anecdotes of family history and food with a genealogist cook’s sense of preserving the past to create a keepsake.
What’s New?
Introducing The Reunion Bookstore, a new feature offering you special reunion related books.
… and other planning tips from reunion organizers

Military Reunion News
Something new in this issue!
Military reunions have a base of their own.
Alert: all reunion organizers can learn from military reunions.
Military stars
by LtCol Bill Masciangelo, USMC (Ret)
Important food and beverage tips
Reunion Reveille
A list of reunions planned and notes from people looking for reunions
USS Kadashan Bay
by Carol Bradley
A ships reunion sparks memories of war time heroics
Bulletin Boards
by William Lewis Gage
An electronic list of military reunions
…and other important military reunion miscellany

Hot Spots
Smooth Sailing for Reunions

by Robin Longman
Cruise into your next reunion

Once there was a reunion
by M.J. Dolan
Part 2 celebrates a happy ending to a 10th high school reunion trauma

Summer Reading
Lots of readers offer their suggestions in reviews of reunion reading. Included are some very special reviews from the intended audience of Kids Stuff.

Friends Reunions
What are friends for? To share good times and wonderful memories, of course. Read about two such reunions.

What’s a few kids among friends?
by Shelley Hobson

Friends for Real Life
by Penny Pritzel

Let’s Eat
Some family reunion food traditions and family reunion cookbooks


Publisher & Managing Editor Edith Wagner
Associate Publishers Jane Davis & Jeff Wallman
Art Director Cynthia Crigler
Military Editor Gil Gilstrap
Copy Editor Carol A. Burns
Marketing Director Karla Lavin
Administrative Staff
Marion Liston
Andi McKenna
Lynn Ryan
Contributing Editors
Susan Darke
Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGRS
Mary Kay Duncan
Williams Lewis Gage
Irene Goggans
LtCol Richard Johnson, USA (Ret)
Jann Mitchell
Larry Neuerburg
Mary Rogers
Paula Sheagley
Anne Short
Sally Welchel