Vol 1 No 2

Winter 1991
Vol. 1 No. 2



Front Words
Letters to the Editor encouraging notes from our readers
Directory of Adoption Support Groups personal help from around the country
Genealogical Software computer genealogy
A new department!
Recording Reunions
how to record reunions on video this issue; later issues
will cover oral histories, film, books, etc
Another new department!
Reunion Retreats
be their guest: hotels, motels, resorts, campgrounds, ranches
How to be a classified

n Adoption n Genealogy n Class n Lost Ones n Services
Yet another new department!
Contests & Research
competition and investigative projects plus
The Adoptee/Birthparent Registry, an alternative to the
search-vs-don’t search issue

Talk to us! survey questions and responses
RSVP: Inviting examples invitations that work
Clipped Notes reunion trivia from many places
Bulletin Boards new ways to communicate, by William Lewis Gage
What’s up next? anticipate our next issue
Photogravure speaks for itself

About the front cover
Reunions are everywhere! A nationally syndicated television show called Reunion is hosted by James Brolin.


Reunionnow on television! American immersion in reunions expands with the
addition of a syndicated television program.

Birthright: The reunion by Jean Strauss
A daughter’s search ends in a reunion with her birthmother and seven-half siblings.

At the ball by Beatrice Michaels Shapiro
A 40-year class reunion brings back memories and evokes fairy-tale sentiments.

Round-robin letters by Kay Whetter
Seven Michigan State University alumnae keep in touch year-round through the mail.

Orphan Trains: Life Stories by Mary Thiele Fobian
Three individuals recall and reflect upon their lives since their Orphan Train voyage.

Hot Spots by Robin Longman
Exciting places for reunions.

Reuniting the relatives by Jean Timpel
Part II of a four-part serial.

Nice work if you can get it: Reuniting lost loves by Mary Thiele Fobian
Private investigator Ron Crisp flames old fires

Origins by Jean Strauss
What’s in a word? The language of adoption is discussed.

Alum & I by Tom Ninkovich
Fundraising ideas sure to help.

Branch Office by Marsha Hoffman Rising, CG, CGL
How to make mail searches work for you.

Military Stars by LtCol Bill Masciangelo, USMC (Ret)
The arts of site selection negotiation. Site inspection sheet included for your use.

Masthead V1 N1

Publisher Edith Wagner

Art Director Cynthia Crigler

Editor Mary Thiele Fobian

Advertising Sales
Display Edith Wagner
Classified Sheila Amundsen

Administrative Staff
Supervisor Sheila Amundsen
Karla Lavin

Contributing Editors
William Lewis Gage
Trudy Helmlinger
Robin Longman
LtCol Bill Masciangelo, USMC (Ret)
Tom Ninkovich
Marsha Hoffman Rising, CG
Beatrice Michaels Shapiro
Jean Strauss
Jean Timpel
Theodore Perry Webster
Kay Whetter