Vol 15 No 6

Jun/Jul 2005
Vol. 15 No. 6


Jun/Jul 2005 V15n6

Alum&I A coach’s dream by Shula Hirsch
How to get invited to your reunion, Fox planning Reunion, planners tips, Floridians celebrate Maryland high schools, reunion web sites

Scrapbook Negotiating with hotels, TV tours, reunion school, new internet ways to plan reunions

Branch Office Walking in ancestral footsteps by Maureen Taylor
Obscure towns, rebuilding family trees

The Strothers have history by Donna L. Strother
Generations stitched together by Jim Whitaker
A fond recollection by Beverly B. Nichols
A favorite place for memory-making by Betty W. Stark
Big projects: reunion quilts
Return to Bagwell by Glenda Palmer-Kuhn
Reunion celebrates 100th wedding anniversary by Carol Idalski
The traveling quilt by Wanda MacDougall Pace
Montague Family quilt by Bessida White
Bicentennial Quilters Sixth Reunion by Mary Jean Baker

Venues and places
by Jacky Runice
by Jacky Runice
Deep in the heart of (Fredericksburg) Texas by Edith Wagner
A special family reunion by Marjorie McCurry
Steamboating reunions by Regina Hines
Kin Ship: ten tips for planning a cruise reunion by Lisa Mann
Cruisecompete.com dispels cruise myths
Camping and adventure
On our river trip by Tim “TJ” Sattelmeier
Campground reservations, camper reunions, Stewart Family camps out
Recruit volunteers, supplies and equipment, calculating fees

MRN Normandy experience from a daughter’s view by Donna Coulson
Listen to the “children” by Linda Sunde
Real comrades never forget their buddies by by J. Paul Luther
Civil War legacy, Pearl Harbor survivors, Night Rustics, WWII vets reflect, Navy Airdales, Bulge veterans, Underage veterans, 60th anniversary of battle of Iwo Jima

Reunion Resources A directory of reunion-friendly places, services, vendors and products

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Publisher Jeffrey P. Wallman
Editor in chief Edith Wagner
Military Editor Adam Rose
Travel Editor Jacky Runice
Art Director Jennifer Rueth
Sales Marion Liston, Senior Account Manager
Sales Assistant Shnee McNeil-Hatchett
Operations Manager Karla Lavin
Administrative Staff
Jean Salzer

Mary Jean Baker
Patricia Hardcastle
Regina Hines
Shula Hirsch
Carol Idalski
Lisa Mann
Marjorie McCurry
Peggy Moore
Beverly B. Nichols
Wanda MacDougall Pace
Glenda Palmer-Kuhn
Phyllis Rowland
Tim “TJ” Sattelmeier
Andy Spurlock
Betty W. Stark
Marilynn Stewart
Donna L. Strother
Maureen Taylor
Jim Whitaker
Bessida White