Vol 15 No 2

Oct/Nov 2004
Vol. 15 No. 2


Flutes and friendships by Lori Walker-Bottoms
Guess presidential alma maters by Erika Dreifus
Teen towns revisited, class reunions from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 1981, newspaper profiles reunions, generous classes and classmates

New museums, heritage trails, LaLaFuLooza reunion, scooter tours, Mayberry reunion, how to get a great hotel rate and may more reunions.

Branch Office
Bring out your dead by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack
National Family History Month, writing contest, Burr-Hamilton duel

Celebrate National Family Week
The family reunion by Joan Waters
Capturing the west by Yvonne Lewis
Many families: Lancasters, Koehlers, Ober, Self, Goodlett, Fields and Steplight, Thomas, Moen, Donohue
RSVP Present generation’s legacy: collecting family history
Final communication before your reunion

Venues and places
There’s no place like (a rental) home by Jacky Runice
Hot and cool running CVB by Jack Runice
Cruising: reunions on the water
A family reunion cruise by Louvinia Smith
Send them sailing by Christie Turley
When to cruise, read fine print carefully, cruise Lake Michigan, cruise tips
Reunions on the ranch
Five scheming daughters by Jill M. Clark
Nottoli/Nelson family goes to the ranch and other ranch stories

Fundraising Clean cars raise reunion cash by Vallery Kountz
Stumped for a new fundraiser? by Stephanie Parrett
Cookbooks as reunion keepsakes
Ideas from reunions: Kimmel, Curtis/Butler, Shirks/Sherks/Shericks, White,
Clark, Macon, Ghan,


Reunion Resources A directory of reunion-friendly places, services, vendors and products


Publisher Jeffrey P. Wallman
Editor in chief Edith Wagner
Military Editor Adam Rose
Travel Editor Jacky Runice
Art Director Jennifer Rueth
Sales Marion Liston, Senior Account Manager
Sales Assistant Shnee McNeil-Hatchett
Operations Manager Karla Lavin
Administrative Staff
Jean Salzer
Student Intern Stephanie Parrett

Phil Beach
Lori Walker-Bottoms
Sharon DeBartolo Carmack
Carolyn R. Clark
Jill M. Clark
Diane M. Donahue-Durso
Erika Dreifus
James Fields, Jr.,
Brenda Hobbs
Janice (Sherick) Kluck
Frances Koehler
Vallery Kountz
Colleen Lancaster
Yvonne Lewis
Pat Macon
Daniel C. McCarthy
Ron McCoy
Rachel Miller
Ray Py
Carmen Rice
Louvinia Smith
JoAnn Stringer
Frances Thomas
Janice Tompkins
Christie Turley
Jackie Utley
Joan Waters
Bessida Cauthorne White