Vol 16 No 4

Feb/Mar 2006
Vol. 16 No. 4


Dragging Main Street

Dana High School alumni return by Patrick Aikman

Sharing images by Judy Hunt Holland Davis

How do you find out about class reunions? by Kathleen McGuinness

Killer Reunion from Mystery Café, elementary classmates celebrate, student protesters reunion, entertainment professionals meet, Last Chance Dance, Hillel’s road trip

A fifties basketball team, almost champsby Chuck Hawkins

All American Red Heads, CCC alums, Chambersburg and congregations reunions, and much more

Good for your family health by Erika Dreifus, PhD

African American Lives, Irish history writing retreat, Phoenix genealogy group, slave descendants embrace white kin, Clan Count


Reconnecting family by Wendy Erlien

The impromptu reunion by Karen Luna Ray

Family reunion – an outsiders view by Allison Lowry

The Peevyhouse decade by Susie Peevyhouse Hockaday

Gilbreaths return to the heart of Texas by Judy McBride

Reunions, Buffalo style by Georgia Burnette

kids stuff
Q? & A!
What activities should be planned for kids?
Citrus County FL place for kids, van Valkenburg kids, surprise leads to book, kids involved in famil history, scrapbooking for kids, games for road trips


Pass the Pasta by Maureen Taylor

Review: The Food Journal of Lewis and Clark

Ice cream reunions by Rebecca LeFever

Feeding the reunion masses by Denise Heinze

Getting there with food, cocktail parties, dining with kids, eat healthy on the road, reunion focuses on health, outdoor event considerations

Cape Cod
by Edith Wagner
Storms can’t take the wind out of reunions by Jacky Runice

Reunion notes from American Beagle Squadron reunion byJeri Sprecher

VA seeking vets, National Cemetery rules, USS Indianapolis, pilots celebrate, Buffalo Soldiers, military FAM tour

REUNION RESOURCES A directory of reunion-friendly places, services, vendors and products

On the cover
The Wesley Family Reunion sparkles.
Photo credit Patrick Robinson



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Thelma Wasserman Friedman

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Wendy Erlien
Chuck Hawkins
Denise Heinze
Susie Peevyhouse Hockaday
Rebecca LeFever
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