Scavenger Hunt with Banana Boats by Lowana Orcena

This scavenger hunt promises a great time and a surprise to be remembered.

First you need to make up clues for two teams, then hide them throughout the area. Each clue should lead the team to the next clue. You need the same number of clues for each team. Send teams in opposite directions, but write clues so that on the last clue, both teams end up at the same place where a surprise is waiting.

Divide children into two teams, offer some simple instructions, hand each team their first clue, and send them on their way. We sent one adult with each team. The property we used for the scavenger hunt belonged to a church and covered almost a city block. There was plenty of room for two teams.

As prizes for the children at the end of the hunt, we made banana boats. Some of the adults made the banana boats, while the scavenger hunt was going on. The children could easily make them.

Recipe for prizes
Bananas (one for each child)
Miniature marshmallows
Hershey bars
Tin foil
Outside grill that’s not too hot.

Use one banana for each child. Peel the top of the banana, but leave the peel at the bottom. Slice the banana down the middle, but not all the way through. Scoop a little out of the banana. Fill with three or four chocolate squares and some marshmallows. Pull the banana peel back up, and wrap in tin foil. Lay the bananas on the warm (not hot) charcoal.

The chocolate and marshmallows should melt in about three to five minutes. Eat right away. Banana boats can be made ahead, but don’t grill until it’s time to eat them.

Each scavenger hunt calls for different clues. These are one set from the author.

These clues make up one team:

  1. 1, 2, 3 Come follow me,
    We’re heading for that big tree.
  2. The tree has a clue What will we do?
    Go to the right. Check out that bike.
  3. Bike, Hike. What we need is a very tall light.
  4. The light works fine, but don’t turn blind.
    We have to find where they dropped those dimes.
    (sand pile)
  5. We all found a dime, now it’s time to climb.
    Let’s try that great big slide.
  6. Last clue.
    We’re so close, you can smell it.
    Behind that building the secret will tell it.