Newhagen Family Reunion

Mimi Newhagen celebratetd her 90th birthday at the reunion.
Mimi Newhagen celebrated her 90th birthday at the reunion.

We were honored to have Mimi Newhagen celebrate her 90th birthday with us in June. Her six children and their spouses, 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren arrived from around the world to join her for their Annual Family Reunion and Birthday Party.

The Newhagen family first came to White Stallion Ranch 50 years ago, from Rockford, Illinois, two years before the True Family purchased the property. Mimi, her husband and five children arrived in Tucson, Arizona, in 1963 loaded with books and schoolwork. They stayed at the ranch for a week, visited Mexico, then drove home through New Mexico, sight-seeing all the way. Mimi’s son Paul has fond memories of getting up early every day and going to breakfast without his parents, ordering French Toast every single morning. Mimi’s memories are of warm sun, good friends, good food and time spent relaxing with her family.

Mimi is no stranger to horses. She grew up in Chicago, and as a young girl rode horses along the midway left by the Chicago World’s Fair. Years later she lived in Lake Havasu, Arizona, and kept three horses; one of these was a Mustang named Old Blue—who was, according to Mimi, “the best horse there ever was.” She chose not to ride this time, spending her mornings with crossword puzzles in the living room and catching up with the multitude of grandchildren who sought her out between riding, swimming and sports.

We were completely taken by her sparkle and wit, her family’s commitment to gather from all corners of the world and the circle of life that brought her back to White Stallion Ranch 50 years later. Thanks Mimi! What a treat!