Moore Family Reunion Icebreakers


  1. Give yourself 1 point for every button you are wearing.
  2. Add 10 points if you are wearing sneakers.
  3. Add 1 point for each size shoe in shoe you are wearing. (Size 7 = 7 points)
  4. Add 5 points for every penny in your pocket or purse.
  5. If you are wearing any green, add 10 points to your score.
  6. If you have music in your phone, give yourself 5 points
  7. If you have grey in your hair, give yourself 10 points.
  8. Add 1 point for every egg you’ve eaten this week.
  9. Give yourself 5 points if you went to the gym thus month.
  10. Add 1 point for every baseball game you’ve watched this summer.
  11. If you are over 6 feet tall, give yourself 5 points.
  12. If you are under 5 feet tall, give yourself 10 points.
  13. If you sent more than 100 texts this week, add 5 points to your score.
  14. If you are over 50 and sent 1 text this week, add 10 points to your score.
  15. Give yourself 5 points for every glass or bottle of water you drank today. Deduct 2 points for every glass/bottle/can of soda you consumed.
  16. If you are wearing a belt, give yourself 5 points.
  17. If you have a dog, give yourself 5 points.
  18. Give yourself 1 point for every 100 miles you traveled to be at this family reunion.
  19. Hair color score- Black hair- 2 points, Brown hair- 1 point, Red hair- 3  points, Grey hair- 5 points, Blonde hair – 1 point, blue/green/purple/orange hair – 6 points, bald – 10 points
  20. 5 points for everyone that is wearing glasses, 2 points for contacts.

Okay, you can add up your score and put the total here: