Moore Family Reunion Icebreakers

Famous Aunts & Uncles

  1. Andy Griffith’s Aunt
  2. Mr. Television
  3. “Wizard of Oz” aunt
  4. Uncle on “Adams Family”
  5. Forgetful Aunt on “Bewitched”
  6. Uncle housekeeper on “My Three Sons”
  7. Common sense aunt on “Fresh Prince of “Bel-Air”
  8. Harry Potter’s strict uncle
  9. Trademark for pancake flour and syrup
  10. Luke Skywalker’s uncle from “Star Wars”
  11. Tom Sawyer’s aunt
  12. Cissy, Buffy & Jody’s uncle on “Family Affair”
  13. Whitney Houston’s famous singing Aunt
  14. Motorcycle riding uncle on “Full house”
  15. George Clooney’s favorite singing aunt
  16. The richest duck in the world
  17. Aunt that Amy stays with in “Little Women”
  18. He wants YOU (for the US Army)
  19. Spiderman’s uncle and adoptive father
  20. Who lived with her aunts at 133 Collins Road?

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