Here’s the recap, old sport

The USS Callaway reunion persevered through the events of September 11th to have an outstanding event. The early birds met at hosts Tom and Betty Maxwell’s house for Sunday dinner. The reunion officially kicked off on Monday, even though some couldn’t make flight arrangements following the attacks.

The Maxwells’ son and daughter-in-law, John and Kit, hosted a welcome reception. Tuesday morning. Several members visited the Sophia Sachs Butterfly House; rain kept them indoors, where they got acquainted with more than 2,000 species of butterflies. Others were entertained by shopping and an Ameristar Casino trip for a buffet and gambling.

Wednesday’s theme was Germany. The first stop was the Hermanhof Winery. After inspecting and tasting wine, they lunched on German foods at Europa Inn. The Fulton Historical Society in Callaway County, Missouri, welcomed the group. Joining the group was Nathan Carrington, who built a model USS Callaway for the society’s exhibit. The day’s last attraction was Auto World, a huge car museum. Everyone enjoyed seeing cars of the past as well as those anticipated for the future.

Thursday was their annual meeting, which concluded with a banquet. Coast Guard Captain Kevin   Schumacher, the guest speaker, presented a slide show about the Coast Guard in the 21st century.

Summarized from USS Callaway Newsletter by Kit Jenkins Maxwell.