Flags Flying Proudly

In an emotional and patriotic letter to the Northern Kentucky CVB, Albert B. Moore, president of the Mobile Riverine Force Association (MRFA), wrote that “on Christmas Day 2001, while on operations in the Arabian Sea, a flag presented to the MRFA was flown in all her glory in honor of the Mobile Riverine Force Association and the folks of Northern Kentucky.”

In part, the letter read: “Being a retired Navy man my thoughts were running deep for the love and respect I hold dear to my country.… looking around the den I spotted a red, white and blue box. In the box was a flag that was presented to the Mobile Riverine Force Association at our annual reunion at the Drawbridge Inn in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky.”

Mr. Moore continued that in following the nightly news, he saw how flags flown over the World Trade Center had been sent to various US bases and ships. Another member of the MRFA had a son on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The flag was sent in the hope it would be flown during a day of operation. Mr. Moore has the flag at his home in North Carolina, where he will ensure it attends all future group reunions.