Frierson Family Reunion

The 35th Frierson Family Reunion was held in Baltimore, Maryland. On Friday, there was a reception at the host hotel at Best Western Plus and Conference Center. On Saturday, family members visited the city of Baltimore and the Inner Harbor. Saturday night, they had a Family Buffet style Banquet/Business Meeting at the host hotel, and Sunday morning they had a Family Sharing Service.

66476976_10217221276902519_993625806162886656_nWe choose our reunion locations at the family business meeting held during the reunion banquet. We ask for three or four location nominations from family members. We require that the person that nominates a location, must be willing to serve as host for the reunion as well. The last reunion was in Shreveport, Louisiana. The recent reunion was in Baltimore, Maryland. The next reunion, in 2021, will be held in Columbus, Ohio.

Frierson Family Reunions are held semi-annually for three days (Friday – Sunday), the weekend after the 4th of July. On average we have 40 to 60 attendees. Once the location is determined, the reunion host along with the committee determine the reunion costs and each family member who attends pays a registration fee that will help cover the cost. Family members are responsible for their hotel expenses. We reserve a host hotel at the location.

The Frierson Family Reunion Host and Committee maintain the budget and finances. We collect funds to help the high school graduates who attend college with $500 for books, laptop, etc. We have a Frierson Family Board that consists of a President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Treasurer manages the finances for the Scholarship fund. The reunion organizer is chosen when the family vote on the location at the family meeting.

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 3.01.10 PMSince our senior family members are reaching the ages of 80+, we encourage younger generations to take the lead on hosting reunions. Activities include a memorial-service, business-meeting, entertainment, tours, games, and Family Talent and Sharing. Over the past few years we decided to have a Family Sharing Breakfast Service on Sunday morning rather than a traditional worship service. Friday we have an icebreaker activity, play games, share photos and get reacquainted. Family traditions include singing We Come This Far By Faith at every family banquet. We give awards for the oldest and youngest member present, the family member with the most children present, the person or family that paid first and the family that traveled the farthest.

We have a family reunion Facebook page to keep members involved where they can share and keep the family updates on events, births, deaths, etc. To promote and publicize the reunion, we share the reunion information on the family Facebook page: Frierson Family Reunion. We send announcements by mail, emails, and Save the Date announcements when we know the locations.

We do not have a lot of young children who attend the reunions. For kids who attend, we do provide age appropriate food choices, games, and activities for them to participate in.

Reported by Sharon Carr, Fairfield, Ohio, who has organized five Frierson Family Reunions.