Doing DNA at Your Family Reunion – By Lisa A. Alzo

If you’re looking to incorporate genealogy into reunion activities, April is the perfect month to investigate your options. National DNA Day is April 25th. The four major DNA testing companies typically run sales on their testing kits. They are Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilyTree DNA and 23andMe.

Check for month-long or DNA Day specials on these companies’ websites and social media pages during April so you can stock up and save money on kits to take and distribute to interested family members at your reunion. Or try your luck and enter Reunions magazine’s giveaway for a DNA kit at HERE.

How does DNA testing work? Either with a simple cheek swab or a saliva collection tube depending upon which company you use. Then mail the sample in a prepaid return mailer. Once processed by the lab, you receive an email notifying you that your results are ready to view on the testing company’s website. Send an email to potential attendees to suggest having DNA kits available at the event. Then you can then either send discount codes/links for any of the companies to individuals who are interested or designate a point person to order the tests in bulk and bring them to the reunion. Schedule a designated time at the reunion so everyone who wishes to test can do so as a group activity. Take photos and video (be sure to get everyone’s permission) to document for future generations.