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KEY BRIDGE MARRIOTT 1401 Lee Hwy, Arlington VA 22209 703-524-6400 | fax 703-524-8964 Contact Kelly Reckenwald, Catering Sales and Events Assistant [email protected] | RENAISSANCE...
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What is crowdfunding? Social media has changed the way we do business and the way we raise funds. Crowdfunding is a method to fund a...
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Corporate Fundraising

Every year we receive many questions about how to secure corporate funding for reunions. First, you should realize that there is no magic in scoring...
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Class reunion fundraising

All school reunion does fundraising For their all-school reunion, Dana (Indiana) High School alumni artists were invited to bring their creations for an exhibit of...
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Miscellaneous fundraising 2

Fundraising and sharing the cost Rosemary S. Wolfe, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, uses a thermometer in their newsletter to document growth of the Simonic Family Reunion...
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Miscellaneous fundraising

Supporting the Montague website Larry E. Montague is the founder and developer of The Montague Millennium website The website desperately needs a major facelift...
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