The Seideman Family Reunion has a full day of outdoor activities with games and contests listed. An announcer uses a PA system to call participants to the games to stay on schedule and fit everything in.

All reunions include activities if even just sitting under shade trees catching up. But most, anymore, plan activities for all ages and interests that are at the heart of why members look forward to coming to reunions. Following pages include a plethora of possibilities and should reap something new, something you’d not thought of or a twist on something you already do. Thanks to all the reunion organizers who have so generously shared their stories and ideas. Won’t you share yours? Send to [email protected].

These activities are from many reunions. Some are links to pdf files. Click in for some great ideas. We invite you to e-mail us your special reunion activities.


The Wilson Family Reunion prints its daily itinerary on a paper fan so family members can be aware of what’s going on while staying comfortable in the July heat.


Wondering what to do at your reunion?

Look at these programs from many reunions and decide which layout and/or design fits your needs. Flatter them by copying. They’re reunions sharing…

Check out these other reunion programs:

Burnette Family Contemplation
What Have I Done For My Family Today?

Georgia Burnette writes about a questionnaire the Burnette Family Reunion used. After the traditional Candlelight Ceremony (prayers for relatives no longer with us and for family members unable to attend). After this somber and eloquent interlude was a perfect moment to ask each person to reflect in writing on his/her role in family affairs. This was a self-evaluation and answers were not shared or discussed. The exercise was intended to heighten awareness about participation in family matters and to encourage individual pause and consideration about working to move the family forward or sitting back and letting it happen.




podcast144How are you going to get all these activities planned and done? Volunteers, of course! Find out who and how to involve volunteers in your planning as well as on reunion day(s). The more the better! Click here for podcast.

Before you check in to your hotel, you will want to have what the professionals call a “pre-con” meetingSee a suggested outline to include everything you should consider for the meeting.