Your Reunion Backup Plan: Easy as 3-2-1 By Lisa A. Alzo

Keeping good records is a must for a successful reunion, especially if you hold one every year. Staying organized is half the battle and making sure that you save important correspondence, documents, and photographs is an essential part of the process. Use the simple 3-2-1 backup plan to preserve those reunion memories and more. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 3 different backups
  • 2 different media
  • 1 backup in the cloud or offsite

How does it work?  Aim to have three distinct copies of your files (including any spreadsheets or databases), email, photos, audio interviews, social media downloads, and videos. You likely already have the original working copy of your files existing on your computer’s hard drive. Store a second copy on an external hard drive located at your office, or a relative’s home, or a safety deposit box ((you will need to periodically retrieve it to update the backup), and one backup in the cloud preferably using an automatic sync to back up routinely.

If you are using the Vivid-Pixâ Memory Station  for photo scanning, FileShadowä is a good option to back up your images and other data in the cloud, as well as for easy file sharing. Registration is required (backup of 100 images is provided for free, more requires a subscription).

Don’t lose all your scanning or planning efforts by not backing up!