Windham Family Enjoys Active Game Time

There are two games that the Windham Family really enjoys at their family reunion. The two activities are Water Balloon Volleyball and Wagon Cover Pull.

The first one is Water Balloon Volleyball. Family members are asked to bring bath towels for this activity. We use the towels to toss the balloons from one team of 2 to another team of 2. If you catch the water balloon without it bursting, you are good but if the balloon burst or is not caught that is a point for the tossing team. If the ball is caught without bursting, then it must be tossed back to the other team. We play to a score of 5 for a winner.

Water Balloon Volleyball

The other activity we really enjoy is the Wagon Cover Pull. The family is asked to bring old blankets and comforters for this activity. The old blankets and comforters are used as the wagon to pull the load. One team member has to pull one of their team members on the covering to the finish line.

Wagon Pull

These 2 activities are the most enjoyable of what we do! They are definitely repeated each year.

Check out some other games that the Windham family enjoys playing by watching these videos:

Windham Family Face the Cookie
Windham Family Egg Toss
Windham Family Sharp Shooter

Shared by Janice Maxine Jones, Carrollton, Alabama.