Who would you ask, if you couldn’t ask granny?

Ask Granny© is a program of specially designed materials that make it easy for grandparents to create a wonderful gift for their families — putting their memories of family names and places down on paper. The creators say that no family should ever have to ask, “Why didn’t we Ask Granny about our family history?”

The group in Athens, Georgia, who developed Ask Granny© asks only that no one be charged for the materials. The free downloadable Ask Granny© .pdf files include Ancestral Charts and Family Group Records.

The materials can be used by small groups creating their own ancestral charts, and by children who are actually “Asking Grannies” about family details. Get priceless family memories, names and places on paper or as a fun activity for grandchildren and children to actually “Ask Granny” about family names and places. For instructions to download, email ask granny or visit www.askgranny.us.

One of the creators, Judith F. Russell, Bogart, Georgia, introduced us to Ask Granny©. You can find the link to their materials on our freebie page.