Vol 5 No 1

Autumn 1994
Vol. 5 No. 1


Alum & I , by Paula Sheagley
Reluctant reunioneers

Origins by Marcy Axness
Meeting Someone New

Branch Office Love letters, diaries, and autobiographies, by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGRS
Scrapbook A compendium of reunion tidbits
Reunion Q? & As
Reunions Family RegisTREE

Searching? by Edith Wagner, Publisher
Nitty gritties

Contests & Research
Reunion Retreats
a directory of reunion-friendly places to stay

On the Cover
The Acadian Festival in Madawaska, Maine, which highlights family
reunions, featured the Roy family in 1994. See story on page 28.
Photo by Julia Bayly

Family History Month by Nancy Heydt

Reunion Fundraising, Part Two by Jean Timpel

Reunions in New England
Much to-do about reunions Places to go, things to do, sites to see

Purity Springs Resort Family-owned resort caters to family

A few thousand and counting… by Julia Bayly
Roy family reunion highlights Acadian festival

Quick Courier reunion with David Newell

Researching Italian American Ancestry by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

Reunion tips: Reunion camping info; treasure hunt; painted T-shirts
and pinatas; cousins reunion; a beginning from an end; what to bring
to a reunion, ribboned reunions; name tags.

Military reunion news

WWII Flight Nurses Association reunion
435th Troop Carrier Group celebrates it 50th by Al Forbes
Virginia Belles ring true
D-Day + 50 (years) by Carol Burns
Reunion Shrapnel
Bombardiers host surprise reunion guest; Freedom Flight 1995
update; Upcoming Iwo Jima 50th Anniversary reunion by Jim
Reunion Reveille

Military What’s New?
D-Day tapes



Publisher & Managing Editor Edith Wagner
Associate Publishers Jeff Wallman
Editor Carol A. Burns
Military Editor Gil Gilstrap
Art Director Cynthia Crigler
Marketing Director Karla Lavin
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Contributing Editors
Marcy Axness
Julia Bayly
Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGRS
Cpl. David Ferrier, USMC
Al Forbes
William Lewis Gage
Nancy O. Heydt
Col. Ned Humphreys
Beth Jimenez
LtCol. Richard Johnson, USA (Ret)
Robin Longman
David Newell
Paula Sheagley
Jean Timpel
Jim Westbrook