Vol 4 No 1

Autumn 1993
Vol. 4 No. 1


Front Words

Contests & Research
Hot Spots
Vermont, Missouri, Florida and Georgia
RSVP Inviting examples
Searching? by LtCol Richard S. Johnson, USA (Ret) Answers to reader questions
Clipped Notes
Open Records
Branch Office
by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, Recording Native American ancestry
Reunion Family RegisTREE
Recording Reunions
Questions for videotaping by Yvonne Belden
RnR Reunions in review
Alum & I The “committee from hell”
Class Notes
Bulletin Boards by William Lewis Gage Various search sources
Reunion Retreats
Includes Adoption Search and Support Organizations

Origins A Texas success story by Carolyn Wilson-Elliott

Reunions Masterplan
Profile: African-American family reunion leader by Jean Timpel
Meet Dr. Ione Vargus, reunion powerhouse

Take a reunion hike by Adrienne Anderson


Vroom Vroom Reunion Harley-Davidson reunites riders

Pows Wows by Carol Burns Native American gatherings reunite tribes

Reunion Leads to Reunion by Marty Smith

Rollin’ on the River by Robin Longman Cruise into a relaxing

Military Reunion News
Camp Atlanta, Nebraska; Co-op mail program; VMF(A)-115
reunion spans time, technology; British brides reunite with


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Contributing Editors
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Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGRS
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Marsha Rising, CGRS
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Marty Smith
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