Vol 2 No 1

Autumn 1991
Vol. 2 No. 1



Military Stars by LtCol Bill Masciangelo, USMC (Ret)
Training for military reunion planners.

Branch Office by Sharon Bartolo Carmack
Finding your way around the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, or a branch near you.

Origins by Jean Strauss A consideration of those reluctant to reunite.

Alum & I by Tom Ninkovich Early starts in class reunion planning and
a schedule to follow.


Front Words
Reunion Software
Family TreeMaker by Kathleen Hinckley, CGRS
Contests & Research
Reunion Reveille
Letters in search of …
Reunion Retreats
Bulletin Boards
by William Lewis Gage
Reunions in Review
inviting samples
Clipped Notes


Reunions Outline A useful list for you to follow from
the moment you begin planning your reunion.

Reunions MasterPlan The beginning of a plan for everyone. Several points from the outline are developed in detail: choosing a location, organizational structures, some necessary subcommittees and mailers.

What’s New?
Products of special interest to reunion planners.

Reuniting Revisited A summary of the reunions of
over 30 families from our one-year series, Reuniting the

World War II Remembered

The National Archives has big plans to commemorate various aspects of
World War II all over the country for the next four years.

Reunion half-way around the world by Eva Augustin Rumpf
A Finnish child sent to Sweden for safety during World War II reunites with her family and now helps others achieve reunions.

Hot Spots: World War II Commemorative Tours by Robin Longman
Examples of reunion tours to sites of battles and memories.

Where are they now? by Carolyn Kott Washburne
Reflections on a college reunion memory book.

Reunion Reactions by Mary Jo Rillera
Separations change people’s lives — so do reunions

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