Vol 1 No 1

Autumn 1990
Vol. 1 No. 1


Letters to the Editor
encouraging notes from our readers
Lost Ones
Letters in search of Can you provide the missing link?
Clipped Notes reunion trivia from many places
RSVP: Inviting examples invitations that work
RinR Reunions in Review
Hot Spots exciting places to stage reunions
Bulletin Boards new ways to communicate
Talk to Us! survey questions and responses
Snap Shots easy ways to preserve your family photos
Photogravure speaks for itself


Birthright: The Search
by Jean Strauss
One adoptee’s search for her birth mother and seven half-siblings.

Reunion of a Town That Disappeared
by Nancy Nichols Tamir and Mary Thiele Fobian
Forty-seven years after the government ordered them to leave, the
residents of White Bluffs and Hanford, Washington, and their
descendants continue to meet annually to keep the memories alive.

The Write Results
by Sue Silvermarie
A family reunion inspires poetry

Reuniting the Relatives
by Jean Timpel
First of a four-part serial to help you plan a successful family

Orphan Train: Railway to the Promised Land by Mary Thiele Fobian
A look back at the “placing-out” program that gave new homes
and new hope to 150,000 orphans.

Sisters Again by Irving Bell
Three sisters are reunited after 63 years

The Man with Two Lives by Carol Seeger Weber
Two genealogists uncover the mystery of two men who may be
one and the same.

Origins Encouragement and support for adoptee searchers, by Jean Strauss,
successful searcher and freelance writer.
Alum & I Class reunion jitters, by Tom Ninkovich, author of The Reunion Handbook.
Branch Office Genealogical research by mail, by Marsha Rising, Certified Genealogist.
Military Stars How to organize military reunions, by LtCol Bill Masciangelo, USMC (Ret), coordinator of the Military/Veterans Network of ITT Sheraton.
Pass the Potato Salad An extension to the “Name That Column Contest.”

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