Vol 11 No 3

Spring 2001
Vol. 11 No. 3


Spring 2001 v11n3

ALUM & I Happy, happy birthday, baby by Judith T. Witmer, EdD.
Twain surprises reunion
Decades t-shirt, Memory Mail, all 60s class reunion, youthful
Lessons remembered

Scrapbook Conference and workshop opportunities, Reunions on the road,
living history, reunion signage, contest winners, searching, a
fateful reunion

Branch Office Harmelink Archives, Ellis Island listings, slave ancestry, resource
of 12 million names online
Reviews Discovering Your Immigrant & Ethnic Ancestors, Discovering
YourGermanic Ancestors, Discovering Your English Ancestors

MasterPlan Reunion planning: another view by Georgia Burnette
Revelations on a family reunion by Harold Lamar
The Spellcrafter by Marjorie F. Fagerstrom
Lots of ideas from family reunions, Steelman, Howitt, Brueggeman
Kids Stuff A reunion teenagers will talk about by Marian McKenna Koon
History activities for kids, teen rewards

Reunion Venues

Ranches We shall gather by Cassell Amend
Visit the old west, at dude ranches, Buffalo Bill Museum, Great
Platte River Road Archway Monument, Lewis and Clark
Bicentennial and commemoration, Custer’s Last Stand Reenactment
Cruising Reunions sail on tall ships, Cruising is a great reunion choice

Reunion ideas Spring to Mind by Jacky Runice
Preserving Reunions
Portrait of your relatives by Ruth McHaney Danner
Autographs and autographs books, memory books, family history videos,
Association of Family Historians
Review One Memory at a Time

My mother, the Mermaid by Sloane Golden
Blooming Lonneys reunite
Games reunions play, reviews by Adam Rose
Tripping backwards by Saul Schachter

MRN When great things happen, the Normandy experience by Capt. Ken
Gusty LST-325 sailors, Torchlight 2001, remembering Korea, National
D-Day Museum, Rosie the Riveter Memorial, USS Tennessee and Stalag
XVII-B reunions, Tuskegee Airman, 10th Cavalry “Buffalo Soldiers”

Reunion Resources A directory of reunion friendly places, services, vendors and products
About the cover
Enjoy spring reunions at Callaway Gardens. See page 32.


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