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Arce Family Feud

The Arce Family Reunion’s Family Feud engaged branches as teams to battle for the championship! Competition is stiff for bragging rights ‘til the next reunion.

The Federico Branch Team: Robert, Dan, Monica, Justin and Sam Jr

Peters Family Reunion Jeopardy

Oliver Peters, Jr, and his wife, Linda, of Leesburg, Virginia, looking for “a goofy participation game” came up with Peters Jeopardy in 2009. They realized they have so many goofy “sayings” that they keep using over and over again each and every reunion, that they thought it would be fun to work them into a trivia game. Thus, “Peters Jeopardy.”

Oliver and Linda work out categories and questions for each years game. “Double” Jeopardy, “Final” Jeopardy and “Anniversary Edition” Jeopardy (2nd, 3rd & 4th games) were names added to distinguish one year from another. The 2013 edition, we’ll have a title geared to the fact that this is their 40th reunion, focused on the early years of their reunions.

One category is always last years reunion; questions related to what went on last year. There is a total of 50 questions; 10-15 questions about last years reunion, then 40 more random questions. Then they work on category names to plug questions into. The “final” Jeopardy question is usually a toughie. Something obscure and hard to remember.

Answers to all the questions can be found in either reunion scrapbooks (they have four books filled with pictures, etc), or from their online web postings. If there is ever a challenge about an answer, Peters can point to his source. Actually, he says, no one challenges him anymore, because they know, he knows! Many of the questions come out of their yearly “Reunion Summary,” a one to two page “snyposis” of each year’s goings-on.

In anticipation of the popular game and to promote the upcoming reunion, Oliver makes teaser “commercials.” Teasers show the jeopardy board, catagories, and “prizes” for winners and losers. Teasers are posted on their web site.

For their 40th reunion, the Peters Family Reunion is having t-shirts with the backs adorned with several of their goofy Jeopardy “sayings.”

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