The Kewaskum Class Reunion

The Kewaskum Class of 1965 reunion meets every five years, but they also get together once a year for lunch.

They printed a booklet with names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, graduation pictures, and a write-up for each member of whatever they wanted to share with their classmates. Some wrote a couple of paragraphs; some wrote a page. For their 39 dearly departed classmates, they included the obituary or a write-up from the family as a tribute. About 117 graduated in the 1965 class but they invited all members who had ever been in the class, a total of 160 classmates. They still remember the good days. Above all else, they were taught both by their parents and their teachers to respect each other and they appreciate learning that skill more and more each day, it’s a great gift. 

Shared by Phyllis Naumann, West Bend, Wisconsin