Show Some Reunion Love By Lisa A. Alzo

With Valentine’s Day approaching on February 14th, it’s a great time to show your reunion some love. Why not celebrate the “how they met stories” in your family? Create a tribute to a significant couple (or couples) who are key to the origin story of your family reunion. Scan wedding or anniversary photos with the Memory Station and use Vivid-Pix RESTORE software to restore them. Next, turn the memories evoked by those photographs into stories that you can easily share in an email blast or digital newsletter for family members.

For example, my grandparents (John and Veronica Figlar) were the reason we started our ALAFFFA family reunions 56 years ago. I shared the story of my grandparents’ arranged marriage and a photo from their wedding day so the younger generations will know about our family’s origins. I also scanned the wedding photos for all seven couples who represented the first generation ALAFFFA family reunion.

Each couple shared their stories of how they started dating in a trivia game questionnaire for our 1986 reunion. I scanned the questionnaires and extracted their answers to put alongside the photos. The files can be put into a digital scrapbook or memory books to share at our next reunion.