Powell Moody Family Reunion

“Keep it going! Even if it means 10 people meeting at a restaurant.“ That was the charge from our elders after the Powell Moody biennial family reunion gained momentum following its inception in 1974. “Remember who you are, keep track of one another and keep the tradition alive.” Our 2018 Afrocentric-themed reunion was a hit with 119 in attendance. High from the success of 2018, the 2020 reunion committee booked banquet and cookout venues and scheduled planning conference calls. Then COVID-19 happened and it was announced that the 2020 family reunion was canceled and we wouldn’t see one another for another two years.

When July 2020 rolled around, we were reeling from the social distancing requirement that prevented us from gathering. How would we honor the charge from our elders to keep the tradition going? Patricia Powell and Sybil Burroughs-Cornish began planning a Zoom virtual reunion for Labor Day weekend. Now it was “even if that means a laptop, tablet or cell phone.”

Shared by Allison Bell, Evans, Georgia.