Podcast – How to fill a reunion goodie bag

podcast144Filling a welcome/goodie bag? 
What’s a reunion without a welcome/goodie bag? Listen to these insightful reunion planning tips and advice from Edith Wagner, editor of Reunions magazine. Use the links below to subscribe or listen!

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How to fill a reunion goodie bag



Pictured above: Goody bag preparation for the Davis Family Reunion in Honolulu, HI.
Pictured above: Filling goody bags for Banks Hill Outlaw Family Reunion in Washington, D.C.


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While supplies last, back/remainder issues of Reunions magazine are FREE for the asking. Magazines are FREE, packing and shipping is minimal. Contact Karla to learn what it will cost; klavin@reunionsmag.com or 414-263-4567. And be sure to ask your convention and visitors bureau about their services and goodies they can share.

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Listen to “How to fill a reunion goodie bag,” a podcast about ideas for your goodie/welcome reunion bags.