Online Registration Successful

Smartybird on our forum wrote about online reunion registration.

I used paypal for my high school reunion and it worked incredibly well. We were able to process last-minute registrations which was a BIG plus. We had an optional field for a donation to the class fund; much to my amazement we took in an additional $2,500. Initially I thought I had a software error so I had to audit the number and I was almost knocked over when I found it was indeed correct! Google Pay charges 30% less so I’m going to evaluate it for the next reunion.

One of the committee members suggested we add a line item called “Donation of Support” that included three levels named for school colors and mascot:

1) Maroon ($25-$49)

2) Gray ($50-$99)

3) Lion ($100+)

Class members were able to enter their donation amount as part of their registration and charge the balance to their credit card.

The vast majority of donations were for $100, most of the rest were $50. We even received donations from class members who were not able to attend.

We used the funds to have an even better reunion with lots of extras. Also, we banked some for use at our 35th reunion in 2010.

Reported by c Fayetteville, New York