“Nostalgia Trips”, a new way of preserving history through travel

Nostalgia trips are vacations of grandparents taking their grandchildren to meaningful places to share family stories and create new memories.

Dr. Arthur Kornhaber took his 16-year-old grandson Justin to the sandlot where Kornhaber hit the winning home run for the county school championship. Justin, keeper of his grandfather’s medal, vowed to take his own grandchildren to the same spot.

Nostalgia trips offer chances for learning and strengthening family bonds. Plan ahead, sort out memories, people and places you’d like to share: hometown, school or favorite childhood destination. Consider children’s ages when planning. Discuss trip details before to build excitement.

Show old pictures–including some of yourself when you were your grandchild’s age. Give your grandkids perspective ­— take a new photo with your grandchild in the same place.

Storytelling, family stories, recipes and “secrets,” grandchildren “see” their own parents as kids from stories of them growing up. Create new memories, take pictures, shoot video, keep a journal, create a scrapbook, keep a daily record of your trip and email updates to other family members.

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