McCoskrie/Threshold Foundation (MTF)

The Montagnards fought solely on the side of the US military throughout Southeast Asia. Their bravery, heroism under fire and loyalty to the American cause cannot be overstated.

They arrived from refugee camps bare-footed and in rags. The Air Commando Association initially sent money to procure housing and food. The McCoskrie/Threshold Foundation responded with an 18 wheeler ‘filled to the brim’ with clothing, furniture, pots, pans, linens, bicycles and much more. Air Commandos from across the country sent badly needed funds.

Air Commandos have been staunch backers of humanitarian efforts for more than 40 years. Air Commando Association, Inc, PO Box 7, Mary Esther FL 32569-07. McCoskrie Threshold Foundation, Inc, PO Box 67, Mary Esther FL 32569-0067.