Kids activities between and during reunions

Between reunions the Hailstock Family Reunion hosts a Back-to-School-Bash over Labor Day weekend to keep New York City area kids in touch. Other reunions use e-mail and the Hailstocks have newsletters that include stuff specifically for kids.

Steven Jones and his sister Nancy described the Simpson Family Reunion tour of Zanesville, Ohio. The family homestead, that drew them to that area for the reunion, was gone but Steven marveled at how small the lot was to support a house full of children. They visited churches, schools and the river where their mother went swimming as a child.

Having kids be models for a historical fashion show is inspired because all kids love to dress up. Many vintage clothes are smaller sizes so are perfect for younger children. Family history can be reviewed along with fashions to match each era and music directed to the years clothes were in vogue.

Have children participate in all phases of devotional services. They can present readings concentrating on family subjects. For families who are ready for it, when religions differ, some time can be set aside to teach each other about their faiths.

One girl did the family’s genealogy then supplemented it by interviewing older members and presenting her findings at the reunion.

Orderly passage of a long standing, well-organized reunion can begin when the 18-25 year old generation is ready to be the bridge. Empower them. Get them to buy into the reunion.