Kansas town reunion

Mayfield, Kansas, planned the town’s first parade to open their reunion. It was the first time decorated kids’ bikes and homemade floats cruised Osborne, the local equivalent of Main Street. It also featured locally built fire engines, horses and antique cars. It was part of Mayfield’s two-day reunion celebration.

People from more than 15 states came for the reunion. The celebration included a mix of old traditions (Maypole winding and group dinners) and new events, such as the parade and a self-guided walking tour of the town.

There were also an all-ages softball tournament, time for reminiscing in the town’s gym, a church service, and an “old-fashioned literary” featuring skits and music.
Mayfield hamburgers were the popular treat of the day.

From a story by Dana Strongin in The Wichita Eagle and Kansas.com.