Hot new icebreaker!

Brag Badges

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 9.57.39 AMHere’s a hot new icebreaker for family reunions, Brag Badges. Lively, colorful Brag Badges list family members’ hobbies, interests, occupations and accomplishments. Find a family member who matches the “brag” to sign and to earn the badge. Badges are collected and proudly displayed on necklaces. Brag Badges show off your family’s interests, talents and achievements and you get to know one another! Discover who loves ice cream, pizza and dancing, drive trucks, teaches school, have been to Hawaii. Find relatives who are Eagle Scouts, Veterans, or have been married 50 years, who share your birth month, like to read, play baseball. Kids see a badge they want and go looking for a family member who can help them earn it. Meanwhile, they’ll connect with a new cousin, aunt or uncle or be surprised by the accomplishments or interests of a favorite relative. Visit for more details.

Over 60 different “Brag Badges” (4 of each design) included in a digital download to print as many as you need. Print Brag Badges on card stock, laminate, cut and punch a hole in the top of each badge. The hole is to hang collected Brag Badges on a necklace for, what else?? Bragging, of course. Order here.