Getting re-acquainted


Icebreakers are essential at many reunions. These ideas may inspire you to develop new ways to become re-acquainted.

  • This Is Our Life. Ask each family for photos of their home, yard, activities, sports, hobbies and pets for a display. Then, at the reunion ask kids to explain the pictures.
  • Genealogical display at the Seidemann Reunion.
    Photo by Josh Evert. Click to enlarge
    Sample word-find puzzle. Click to enlarge.

    Display genealogy. Family photos and special remembrances will quickly get members remembering and mingling.

  • Tape baby pictures to a poster, then try to guess who was who. Marvel at family resemblances.
  • Make a word-find puzzle using all the cousins’ names.
  • Guess the numbers. Fill a fishbowl with peanuts or candies, and let everyone guess how many the bowl contains.
  • “Identify the picture” contest. Take torso shots of men to post at next year’s reunion. Identification may not be easy since some will lose or gain weight.
  • 20 (or 30) questions. Give everyone a get-acquainted list of questions. Examples: Find someone who sings in the shower … who’s left-handed … who plants tomatoes in the garden … who served in Vietnam.
  • Ancestor Search. Each parent/child team receives a list of ancestors and has 15 minutes to collect signatures from ancestors’ descendants. Winners are those who gather the most correct signatures.
  • Ask everyone to face the person to the right and give him/her a compliment.


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