Vol 2 No 3

Spring 1992
Vol. 2 No. 3



Branch Office by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGRS
Researching ethinic origins.

Military Stars by LtCol Bill Masciangelo, USMC (Ret)
Final instructions to facilities and suppliers.

Origins by Lenore Porter Beno
A birthmother’s story of reunion.

Front Words
Contests & Research
Genealogy News
Reunion Reveille
Includes WWII Commemoration Update
Clipped Notes

Open records
Letters to the Editor
Reunion Retreats
Includes Adoption Search and Support Organizations
Bulletin Boars by William Lewis Gage
inviting samples
RnR Reunions in Review


Hot Spots
Ellis Island celebrating 100 years
by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGRS
A tour of a historic site on the National Registry of Historic Places which has special meaning to millions of us.


Reunion activities
Ideas for entertainment and music at class reunions, a week of reunion theme parties, Reunion Trivia and icebreakers that get all generations involved.

A hint of reunion fundraisers — with more to come.

What’s New?
Class reunion software … family calendars… search assistance … photo memory books … memory videos.

Genealogists make good elderhostlers …
by Marie Webster Weisbrod
Genealogy and reunions are part of the Elderhostel curriculum.

Alum & I
by Tom Ninkovich
A discussion about professional reunion planners.

Once there was a Reunion
by Mary Jo Dolan
Part One of a two-part story about a 10-year reunion trauma.

Determination pays off
by Edith Wagner with Joe and Sue Sam and Charles Frazier
An inspirational story of a successful search and reunion..

Cover illustration by Glenda Puhek

Masthead V2 N3

Publisher & Managing Editor Edith Wagner
Associate Publisher Jane Davis
Assistant Editor & Art Director Cynthia Crigler

Copy Editors
Carol A. Burns
Mary Thiele Fobian

Marketing Director
Karla Lavin

Administrative Staff
Carolyn Link
Marion Liston
Karen Tamir

Contributing Editors
Stu D. Baker
Lenore Porter Beno
Gregory Bonner
Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGRS
Debbie Devine
Mary Jo Dolan
William Lewis Gage
Maurice & Florence Krueger
LtCol Bill Masciangelo, USMC (Ret)
Arlene Mertins
Tom Ninkovich
Jean Strauss
Marie Webster Wiesbrod

Glenda Puhek