Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture Event

This very special annual mid summer event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is for anyone even slightly interested in aircraft from the past and anticipating the future. The event and/or the museum area very popular with military reunion groups or a day trip thrill for anyone. You will marvel at aviation’s wonders: the big, the fast, the novel, the nostalgic and evening entertainment.

Major features includethe observation of several historic aviation anniversaries.In 2010 it was the 75th anniversary of the DC-3 and the iconic B-17 bomber. The renowned Piper Cherokee celebrated its 50th anniversary. You can also see aunique collection of full-size World War I replica aircraft in the sky and spectacular Warbirds demonstrations. Attend along with 10,000 aircraft; 2,500 show planes; 800 exhibits; and 500 forums and workshops. And, kids will enjoy: KidVenture, air show, Fly-In Theater, Warbirds and Reenactors, aircraft rides, Duggy, and growing every year.

The AirVenture camping experience is in a friendly neighborhood of people who enjoy aviation. See for yourself how 30,000 campers on the grounds form a cozy and tight community.
Find lots more details at www.airventure.org.