Daisy Temple Memorial Family Reunion games

The Daisy Temple Memorial Family Reunion enjoyed many games but in particular their custom-made Daisy Bingo and Nickname Match Game. 

Daisy Temple BINGO answers (3) Daisy Temple BINGO Game Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 4.51.26 PMDaisy Bingo and answers

12 different DAISY “boards” of names were printed and handed out. Two relatives tag-teamed and read about the person on their bingo notes list. It was fast-paced. Players were required not only to mark the box on their DAISY board but also jot down at least one fact. The first to yell DAISY had to stand and read off each box and fact to receive a prize. We had enough information to play several rounds. The intent was to share random fun information, accomplishments, little known facts, history, and memories so we could all get to know more about our family. The most amazing thing is that the notes turned out to be a sort of stand-alone history document.

Daisy Temple Bingo Game
Daisy Temple Bingo Answers


Nickname Game

The nickname game brought back memories of relatives who have passed away but who we have happy memories of. There was a list of names and one of nicknames that were supposed to be matched. Even my 96-year-old grandmother who has dementia amazingly remembered nearly every one of them! 

Family Nickname Trivia List