Creative Uses for Family Photos and Memorabilia by Lisa A. Alzo M.F.A.

If you have been holding family reunions for many years, it is likely you have accumulated plenty of family photographs or memorabilia that may be tucked away in boxes or photo albums. Perhaps now is a good time to pull these treasures out of storage and find creative ways to share them at current gatherings.

After you select your photos, remember to scan them (never work with your originals). For any faded photographs, use Vivid-Pix Restore to bring back the color and luster. You can also experiment with new designs by uploading them to AI art generators such as Craiyon, Bing Image Creator (requires a Microsoft account) or Night Café  See for suggestions.

For my upcoming family reunion, I decided to share a special photograph of my great-grandmother that many in the younger generations have not seen. The photograph had been glued to an ornamental-bordered plate. With the scanned image I created a collage of printed images that emulate the appearance of a single image montage. I bought some iridescent 10.2 x 10.2 cm (4 x 4 inch) picture frames from my local Dollar Store and created a wood and glass version of the montage with Night Café images. With eight picture frames and the display plate, it occurred to me that I could also create a checkerboard display pattern.  Since the picture frames also feature support stands, I thought this added still more flexibility to my future display plans.

In addition to printing and mounting your creations in nice picture frames for birthday gifts and other special events, you could also consider using your creations on greeting cards, mugs, T-shirts, or decorations for family reunions. If you play games or hold competitions, you can use these items as prizes. Get some great ideas at Vivid-Pix Prints