Build a Reunion Profile Part I – by Lisa A. Alzo M.F.A.

If you are looking to create a snapshot of your family reunion and keep track of important biographical details and memories of each attendee, consider creating a simple questionnaire attendees can fill out in advance or at the event. You can find a template in Microsoft Word or Google Docs or Google Forms, or design one from scratch. I looked back at an old questionnaire prepared by one of my cousins that my family used in 1986 to keep on file for our ALAFFFA Family Reunion. Here is what it included:

  1. The Basics. Include your name, address, phone, birthday, eye color, schools attended and mascots, occupation, and any military service (branch and dates).
  • Childhood. List activities (hobbies, clubs, instruments played, and sports teams) and illnesses (diseases and/or broken bones. Please share any funny stories you remember from your childhood.
  • For Couples. List your anniversary date, where married, how you met, and places you used to go when dating.
  • For Moms. List any unusual or funny events or pregnancy stories.
  • For Everyone. List any nicknames and how obtained, list the most famous person you met, first car owned, first job, most notable birthday and why. List the most historical you lived through and remember well and what you were doing when it happened and note the most embarrassing moment you experienced.
  • Loose Ends. Use the back of this page if necessary to list anything that you can think of about our family’s ancestry. Any special events you remember being told by older relatives or deceased relatives that may be interesting to know. Think hard, this could e the most interesting information on this whole form.

The questionnaires can be filled out by the attendees at your next reunion or sent via email and used as trivia questions for a fun family reunion activity. You can even include space on the form for individuals to suggest any trivia questions.