Convention and Visitors Bureau makes a difference for the Burney family

Wade Knight, Reunion Chairperson, Burney Family Reunion 2000, approached the Junction City, Geary County, Kansas, Convention and Visitors Bureau to begin his reunion planning. The CVB made the initial reunion announcement mailing and included area brochures. They furnished sources for the barbecue in a city park, t-shirts, catering, pin-on name tags for everyone and are providing a bus for a tour of Junction City including a tour of Russell Stovers Candy Company and nearby Fort Riley.

The Burney family has a long history compiled in eighteen enormous books of information on all branches of the family; Bibles, public records and many tombstone rubbings. There are no great generals or captains of industry but there is a Burney, California, named after one of their ancestors.

According to Knight, “The reunion, to date, has been pretty shaky. It began in 1994 and was to be held every two years, alternating between Nebraska and Springfield, Missouri, where about half the family lives. The 1996 Springfield reunion was great but interest faded and the next chairperson was having a terrible time getting anyone to attend in 1998. To make it a total disaster she passed away the day before the reunion! I opened my big mouth and offered to host the year 2000 event.”

For the second mailing, which included prices, the CVB prepared forms and a family historian prepared mailing labels. Knight will contact local businesses to provide items for door prizes or souvenirs. The motel is furnishing a “Hospitality Room” for reunion headquarters.

Other activities include “Remembrances – Skits – Whatever” and a white elephant auction to raise money for reunion expenses.

Knight will also have a large banner made with “Burney Family Reunion” and a likeness of the patriarch of the family on it.