Alice Danson Dorsey Carter Family Reunion

We like to select destinations that are family friendly and cost effective. The location changes each time. The last was in Williamsburg, Virginia; the next will be in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Reunions are held bi-annually, Friday through Sunday. The next location is announced Sunday at a family meeting before we depart. A family plaque is passed on to the next chairperson.

Reunions are financed by participation fees and fundraisers at family gatherings. There are committees and willing helpers.

Members stay involved on a family Facebook page and by word of mouth. There is a newsletter to promote and publicize the reunion.

On Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday afternoon, we offer games, fun, and karaoke. A reunion tradition is family members exhibiting their talents. Think “Showtime at the Apollo.”

Our banquet includes recognition of good news (graduations, marriages, new home ownership, etc.), a talent section, acknowledgment of our military family members, and a memorial. Sunday includes a family meeting to discuss the next reunion (chairperson and location are decided) and a family prayer.

We ask the children what activities they want at reunions. They always want a venue with a swimming pool. We also try to find a location that allows us to have old fashioned games: 3-legged races, potato sack races, spoon races. We want all family members to be able to participate. At our next reunion, I’m consider-ing something fun they can all do with their phones. A scavenger hunt, perhaps?

Reported by Angela Diggs Parker, Richmond, Virginia

NOTE: Angela Diggs Parkers writes, “We have family members who have a tendency to pay late for the reunion. Of course, the venue and vendors require deposits – so, paying those deposits can tie up personal funds. What do other reunions do?”