Vol 9 No 1

Autumn 1998
Vol. 9 No. 1


Front Words

Branch Office Using periodicals as research sources
by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack
Alum&I Searching for high school friends by Bill Crocker
Why does this reunion cost so much? by Kathe Murphy
Review After Pomp and Circumstance

Reviews Books, software, a game and TV show

MASTERPLAN In the spirit of Thanksgiving by Christine Crytzer
Paying for the reunion … fundraising and sharing the cost
The longest toe by Patricia Webster Stewart

Button basics by Rob Fish and others
Carter reunion
Town reunions v Rumors of her death by Barbara Claussen
v A town that’s like a family by Susan Welsh
Travel Agents are reunion agents by Kevin Manos, Lisa Maxim and others
Newsletters Reunion communication throughout the year by Mary Thiele Fobian
REVIEW: Print Shop Press Writer by Laura Ellis

MRN POW Buddies Reunited by Roberta Carpenter
Reunions: Navy Mess Attendants, Tacoma invites, Vietnam vets camp out,
Pearl Harbor survivors, Malay Emergency years

On the cover
Jimmy Carter at his family reunion, see page 19. Carter photos by Paul


Publisher Jeffrey P. Wallman
Editor in chief Edith Wagner
Art Director Jennifer Rueth

Marion Liston
Senior Account Manager, Lynn Ryan
Editorial Assistant Conor Liston
Webmaster Mary Jo Klein
Administrative Staff Karla Lavin

Faith Frances Berlin
Georgia Burnett
Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGRS
Roberta Carpenter
Barbara Claussen
Bill Crocker
Christine Crytzer
Laura Ellis
Rob Fish
Mary Thiele Fobian
Judi Galst
Keith Manos
Lisa Maxim
Kathe Murphy
Patricia Webster Stewart
Caroline J. Bartolussi Sutula
Susan Welsh